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A Letter To Rosa, As Curtains Draw on Brooklyn Nine-Nine

‘You can’t let other people’s opinion get in the way of what you want, especially because other people suck.’

Rosa Diaz, Brooklyn Nine-Nine

To Dear Rosa,

(Err.. will you like being called Dear?)

Well, let me rephrase it.

To RoRo,

When I met you, I did not know I was gonna fall in love with you the way I have today.

You know, the first time you came across, you were my least favorite. Because, well, you were the party-popper, in the happy world of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, I felt.

But, with time, you unraveled as these multiple colors, as the otherwise unnoticeable white light does. And, Rosa, you are a star!

Not going to lie, you embodied me as a person.

Rosa was someone who was socially awkward and did not like people.

Someone who would be blunt in her ideas, and upright in what she wants. Someone who chose herself above everyone. Someone who wore her feelings up the sleeve at all times.

But, there was a slight difference. You were proud of yourself. And, I was not.

You loved yourself no matter what. You did not want the others to like you to be yourself. You believed in the power you held.

I always believed that my introversion (a word that has become cool now), was out of my social insecurity. I would shame myself for not interacting with people, who put an effort to do so. I would pity myself for being alone, but would be anxious the moment there is a plan for a get-together.

I believed I was the one at fault until I could see my life, but from the other perspective, your perspective. The version, shown through the lens tinted with self-love.

You took me to the lanes of myself, that I had not identified. Parts that made me feel good about myself. I found new self-esteem and the courage to trust my instincts. Just like you always had your own instincts at first and would ace every job given you.

Rosa, do you remember when you did not let the others know where you lived, for your privacy, but yet were always good friends with them? I understood love could be expressed with our own boundaries in check.


You were always known as intimidating and ‘scary’. You would kick-ass and would be known as the macho of the group. But the day you wore ‘pink’ to the precinct without any hesitation and ignored others’ amusement of ‘Is this even Rosa?’.

You showed how femininity is just how we chose to define it. Thank you for making a statement, just by being you.

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You gave me a lot of power, and reassurance when you came out as Bi and wanted Jake to be there when you met your parents. That was not you. But I just know you wanted some support when you were vulnerable and you were strong in asking for that help. Y

es, vulnerability does not undermine my strength. You have made me comfortable in seeking help when I need it.

I admire how you are always proud of everyone, irrespective of what they do and how they behave. Even when Boyle is way off than Rosa’s parameters of fun, you play along and are as happy for them as you care for yourself.

Your relationships with everyone give hope that I would also find my bunch of pals who would accept me for who I am, and will accept my idea of ‘fun’ as well.

You have also made me realize, it is okay to step down sometimes. Cry because I want to. Be cranky because, well, it is okay. And, also laugh out loud.

Thank you for letting me know, we as humans always break character. Always evolve. From being just to yourself, to seeking Captain Holt’s approval for your relationships, you just helped me accept my evolution as a human easier.

It is a long way to go, and we would change every day. And, you did it, gracefully, and with power, as Rosa would.

From not liking you so much, to making you my favorite. You helped me find the real me, and thanks for walking this journey with me of finding love for myself.

Now, that you won’t meet me every year, I am gonna miss you. Why B99?

Anyway, this ends here. This letter is long and cheesy, the way you don’t like it. But, I do know, you know you love people the way they are, like how you did not judge Amy for wanting an elaborate wedding!

With Love,

Another Rosa Admirer

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