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We don’t need a safe society, we need a changed mindset!


The meaning of the word safety is on a constant ride to attain stability in our day-to-day life. It should feel very privileged, as it is one of the most frequently used words in the present scenario and implies varied meanings.

“My child, be safe!”, when a mother says this to her child, she implies that be safe from everything, the harsh weather maybe, from the robbers, from the murderers, and from the demons of the society, our very own rapists!

Safety is an abstract idea, as far as India is concerned. The Unnao rape case victim had police protection with her, but is she safe? Yes, now for sure, in the arms of God. If safety is not assured by the keepers of safety, then who are we to think of the safety perspective? And moreover we are not safe even inside the four walls of our homes. The number of incest rape cases have been on a constant increase without a dip.

Just to mark the importance of sexual abuse against male, a survey in 2007 which sampled around 12,500 children in families, school, work and living on the streets, stated that more than 50% of the children were sexually abused and out of which 53% were boys. No such survey was made after that.

If you have watched the video above, you’ll find some people slashing girls for wearing shorts and hinting it to be provocative, I hope that they read this article and answer my question:


“Does a rapist gets provoked even by seeing the hairy, skinny legs of a boy wearing shorts, or by the bearded face or by the flat-chested cleavage?”

“Does he gets provoked by a child’s diaper, or maybe the soothing voice in which it cries, or maybe by its soft skin?”

It’s high time we should understand that molesting someone does not requires some kind of provocation or the consent of the victim, and if it had the consent, it won’t be called “RAPE”. Raping someone is sheer mental illness, because, other than this, at least I can’t find a difference in the upbringing of a rapist and a thousand other normal people. If the morals are not in question, then what is it that makes the difference?


If I like someone, I admire the person, may think of approaching him, but who thinks of being laid in bed with the person at the first sight. Love at first sight is a gone concept, Rapes at first sight is the harsh reality.

Gangrapes are proof that our society is home to a bunch of similar thinking people who are malignant in spirit. Discussing the plan of raping an individual in itself is gross and inhumane.

Criminal psychologists have come up with various theories every now and then which suggest that “…Rape is a serial crime and a rapist is someone who’ll indulge in it repeatedly. There are some common traits. As many as 72 percents of the rapist interviews showed psychopathic traits or anti-social personality disorders. As many as 68 percents of the perpetrators had difficult childhoods characterized either by violence or bad parenting and experienced repression. A rapist shows no guilt or remorse. On the contrary, “the act” is the highest point in his life, just the recollection of it gives him a thrill….” They also state that “Rape is a behavioral crime, it is not about sex per se. It’s an act of violence perpetuated in a most ghastly manner.”

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The above statements clearly indicate that it’s in the head of the rapist, the crime scene already in screening like a movie, not once but a million times and he feels the pleasure of his crime way before it’s actually committed. Whatever the reason maybe of one’s such mental condition, a difficult childhood, bad parenting or anything else, there is always a way to help oneself if one wants too.

A sincere urge and request to the people who give comments which directly or indirectly are in the favor of the rapists, like pointing out at the clothing of girls, the time they choose to walk around the road and etc, to stop passing such ignorant views to the masses.

Rapes do happen in the broad daylight, and in the silence of the night, with an year old girl and a 60 year old woman, with a girl wearing a short skirt and a girl wearing a burqa. Let’s stop blaming it on the victim rather let us take a stand not to come out on the roads with a dozen of candles, but to sit at the home and teach our fellows, elders and juniors the right morals and the right mindset.


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