She was a warrior, with an army of four...

She was a warrior, with an army of four…

She was a warrior, with an army of four
Passion, compassion, patience and valour
Enemies envied the personality she had
Correct posture, and a smile to admire
They often were stuck in thoughts good and bad
For she was made of winds, ice and fire
Nothing could ever stop her, her goals and wants
She was nature, beauty, trees and ponds
She flowed like air, was fierce like the fire
Caring like the nature, flawless her beauty
She was cool as ice, but had deep desires
Just like a tree, she also did her duty
Putting aside everything she had
She laid her life for one man
We are naive, we may call her mad
But she knew where she ran
She knew she was made to be a greater warrior
She knew she was meant to make a warrior
She knew she was going to write history
Because she was going to be a mother
The greatest warrior of every history.

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