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Meet The Richest Person In Delhi: Shiv Nadar

When we think of the biggest companies in the world, we think of huge office spaces and rich founders. However, what we don’t realize is that these companies weren’t always so big and the founders weren’t always so rich.

Shiv Nadar who we know as a billionaire now, was actually a very common and ordinary person.

What separated him from the rest was his drive and motivation to build something big.

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Shiv Nadar was born in 1945, in Tiruchendur, Tamil Nadu. He finished his graduation in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore.


He started his career at Walchand Group’s Cooper Engineering in Pune in 1967.

He kick started his career as an engineer in DCM’s calculator division. He along with his existing board members started Micro comp to sell tele digital calculators under the brand name ‘Televista’.

Seeing the vacuum created by IBM in the Indian market, Nadar founded HCL in 1976 and transformed the IT hardware company into an IT Enterprise over the next three decades by constantly reinventing his company’s focus.

HCL was started in 1976 with an initial investment of Rs. 1,87,000 from six founders. With a team of six members which passionately believed in the future of IT industry, Nadar started making computers in his garage and HCL came out with its first PC in 1982.

He transformed HCL at a time when India had a total of 250 computers, into one of the topmost firms creating computers and office equipment.

Nadar credits his success to the education and scholarships that he received during his early years. Therefore, in 1994, he established the philanthropic – “Shiv Nadar Foundation” (visit here)

Shiv Nadar Foundation

As of 2018, Nadar has invested close to $800 million through the Foundation, impacting over 25,000 students directly.

In recognition of his pioneering role in business and philanthropy in India and across the globe, Nadar has received several honors and awards, notable being the Padma Bhushan from the President of India in 2008.

Shiv Nadar has constantly been placed among the richest people in the country and also the most powerful people in the world.

He was the 6th richest person in India as of 2019.

He’s the richest person in Delhi, with a net worth of $17.2 billion as of July 2020.

“I came from a rural background, but I did alright.”

Shiv Nadar



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Written by Mukul

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