7 Daily Life Small Things That Might Ruin Your Day

1. Biting your tongue or lips while chewing food.

2. Getting your tongue burned while having the first sip of coffee or tea.

3. When you put your phone for charging the whole night and in the morning, your phone is still at 12% because you forgot to switch on the button.

4. When you accidentally hit your pinky toe with the corner of a bed.

5. When you have a scary or a bad dream in the morning and you just wake up suddenly, realizing it was just a dream. But it anyways haunt you for whole day.

6. When you promised someone to hangout with and that day finally comes, but you don’t want to go at all.

7. When you really want to listen to a song but you don’t know which one because you can’t relate to any song that’s playing.

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