Amazon Quiz

Quiz: How Well Do You Know Amazon, The Ecommerce Giant?

We use Amazon every other day.

Be it to stream your favorite show or make a quick order, Amazon has become synonymous with the answers to all these needs.

But do you really know what the company Amazon is like?

Do you know the history of how Jeff Bezos managed to build an empire like this?

If yes, then take this and let us see how much you know!

  • Question of

    What is the commodity Jeff Bezos began his Amazon venture with?

    Jeff Bezos starting Amazon at his office in 1994
    • Electronics
    • Books
    • Music & Video Drives
    • Grocery
  • Question of

    One of the name options for Amazon was also

    • Cadabra derived from Abracadabra
    • The Pacific; something that has everything
    • One-click for Everything
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    Amazon also has its own cloud services, where Netflix is one of the popular users. What is the cloud called?

    Netflix - Vintage Logo
    • Amazon Storage Services
    • Prime Storage Services
    • Amazon Web Services
    • Amazon Cloud Services
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    Which subsidiary company does Amazon not own?

    • Whole Foods
    • Twitch
    • Good Reads
    • Streamlabs
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    In the first Amazon office, the company used what to mark every order?

    • A bell
    • Marking on the calendars
    • Ordering for pizzas
    • A champagne party
  • Question of

    Amazon has two video streaming platforms. One is ‘Prime Video’, and what is the other called?

    • Amazon Pictures
    • Amazon Streaming
    • Amazon Videos
    • Amazon Mini Tv
  • Question of

    Amazon hit the 1 trillion dollar mark in the year….

    Amazon's One Trillion Market Cap
    • 2016
    • 2018
    • 2020
    • 2021
  • Question of

    Amazon has a pet-friendly environment, thus for that, they have special workplaces for:

    Amazon's Pet Friendly Workplace
    • Cats
    • Rabbits
    • Dogs
    • Parrots
  • Question of

    What is Amazon’s fastest delivery time ever?

    Amazon's Fastest Delivery Ever
    • 45 minutes
    • 63 minutes
    • 23 minutes
    • 19 minutes
  • Question of

    AmazonSmile is another branch of venture from the e-commerce giant. What is this venture aimed at?

    • A Hospitality Venture
    • A Healthcare Facility
    • A Charitable Foundation
    • A Dental Care Brand
  • Question of

    Amazon has a rift with Apple and does not sell which Apple product?

    Amazon's rift with Apple
    • Macbook
    • iPad
    • iPhone
    • iWatch
  • Question of

    Amazon offers VIP cloud services to intelligence agencies. Which agency stands on their VIP list?

    • R&AW
    • FBI
    • CIA
    • NYPD
  • Question of

    What can you not buy on Amazon?

    • Pets
    • Homes
    • Fresh Veggies
    • Meats
  • Question of

    Amazon went into a contract with a leading Indian bank to launch its own credit cards. Which bank is it?

    • HDFC Bank
    • ICICI Bank
    • SBI
    • Axis Bank
  • Question of

    A lot of other famous platforms were founded by people who were once Amazon Employees. Yes, they are Amazon alumni. Who is not a Amazon alumnus from the list below:

    • Jason Kilar, Hulu founder
    • Marc Lore,
    • Charlie Cheevar, Quora
    • Martin Lorentzon, Spotify
  • Question of

    Amazon went into a pact with some major video streaming platforms, introducing channels on Amazon Prime Video. Which is a platform that was part of it.

    • SonyLiv
    • Disney Hotstar
    • Peacock TV
    • Discovery+
  • Question of

    Amazon Alexa is inspired by a popular fictional show character, as Bezos is a huge Fan. What show it is?

    Amazon Alexa
    • Star Wars
    • Avengers
    • The Batman Movie
    • Star Trek Series
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    Amazon Prime is much more than just videos. It also…

    Prime Video
    • Booze delivery within a few hours of order
    • A discount for all Prime members at theatres
    • Prime storage for the users
    • Free miles on Airlines for every purchase you make

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