This Is The Most Difficult “Dil Chahta Hai” Quiz Ever!

“Ya toh ye questions gehre hain, ya ye quiz 3d hain” 🤪

  • Question of

    Whose sketch is this?

    Sketch in Dil Chahta Hai
    • Ms. Singhania
    • Ms. Sharma
    • Ms. Kashyap
    • Ms. Verma
  • Question of

    What is Sid’s least favorite subject?

    Sid in Dil Chahta Hai
    • Maths
    • Accountancy
    • Chemistry
    • Economics
  • Question of

    What’s her name? (Hint: Aaaakaaaaaash)

    Aakash's ex girlfriend - Dil Chahta Hai
    • Riya
    • Deepa
    • Sonia
    • Priya
  • Question of

    At what time was Sameer supposed to meet Priya?

    Sameer met Priya - Dil Chahta Hai
    • 1 pm
    • 2 pm
    • 3 pm
    • 4 pm
  • Question of

    Where are they traveling to?

    Dil Chahta Hai Trio - traveling
    • Pune
    • Panvel
    • Goa
    • Manali
  • Question of

    What are they looking at?

    Dil Chahta Hai Fort
    • Couples making out
    • The view
    • A ship
    • Sunset
  • Question of

    For whom did Sameer decide to stay back at Hotel?

    Sameer stayed back at the hotel - Dil Chahta Hai
    • Heller
    • Christine
    • Charlotte
    • Isabella
  • Question of

    Pooja is in love with?

    Pooja in Dil Chahta Hai
    • Subodh
    • Rohit
    • Siddhant
    • Sameer
  • Question of

    Sid slapped Akash because…

    Sid slapped Akash - Dil Chahta Hai
    • Akash insulted Sid’s mother
    • Akash insulted Priya
    • Akash insulted the feeling of ‘Love’
    • Akash insulted Tara
  • Question of

    Where are these 3 traveling to? (Hint: Tum, main aur ye plane)

    Akash and Shalini traveling in a plane
    • Sydney
    • Melbourne
    • New York
    • Canberra
  • Question of

    This is what Akash’s dad advice to him…

    Akash's Dad - Dil Chahta Hai
    • Forget Shalini
    • Don’t Lose Hope
    • Focus on your career
    • Shalini is a gold digger
  • Question of

    Why is Shalini marrying Rohit?

    Shalini's marriage with Rohit in Dil Chahta Hai
    • Rohit has more money
    • She owes Rohit’s father a lot
    • She loves Rohit
    • She loved Rohit from ‘Koi Mil Gaya’ but he died, so she’s marrying another Rohit
  • Question of

    Who is Akash stopping in this scene?

    Akash stopping Shalini's marriage - Dil Chahta Hai
    • Sidhharth
    • Subodh
    • Sameer
    • Rohit

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