A Playlist to success!

A playlist you can listen to while on your journey to success!

No, this isn’t a ‘7 Steps to achieve all your dreams’ article. Though it’s something on the same grounds.

Now that you are here, I want to take a moment and go back to a time you couldn’t get over a song. Be it because the beats made you get your groove on or lyrics just stuck. Hold. Recently, while obsessing over a song a question popped, ‘Why do we like music?‘ The question got me thinking of arts and how, despite the growing technology and the ever-changing world, something as simple as ‘Kun Faya Kun‘ can bring a smile to our faces.

Words alone won’t have any meaning unless delivered with a little emotion. Imagine Amitabh Bachchan saying ‘Rishte me to hum tumhare baap lagte hai‘, like a kid reading out a chapter in a class, plain and boring.

Now, imagine how your favorite song would sound like without emotion.

Did I just ruin it for you? Never mind, you can always find a new favorite.


Coming back, no matter how important a song is for us or what impact it makes, we always forget what it taught us. I have always thought of humans as ‘hard nuts’ to crack, considering how difficult it is to make them understand the most simple things. This is where the music comes into the picture with the astonishment of how it connects millions of hearts while being distant.

In times, delightful and difficult that’s where we turn to. Music is nonetheless an art of emotion being conveyed, surrounding the innumerable struggles we go through every day.

Here, I have combined 6 songs, one for each emotion you go through while running towards your dreams. If not a road map to success, here’s a playlist you can listen to while on your journey to success!  I hope they hit the right chord in you!




जो दिल से लगे उसे कह दो, “Hi, hi, hi, hi”

जो दिल ना लगे उसे कह दो, “Bye, bye, bye, bye”

Title Track, Love you Zindagi


ऎ साला

अभी अभी हुआ यक़ीन की आग है मुझ में कही

हुई सुबह मैं जल गया

सूरज को मैं निगल गया

रू-ब-रू रोशनी हे …

Robaroo, Rang De Basanti


हाँ यही रस्ता है तेरा तूने अब जाना है

हाँ यही सपना है तेरा तूने पेहचाना है

तुझे अब ये दिखाना है

रोके तुझको आँधीयाँ या ज़मीं और आसमाँ

पाएगा जो लक्ष्य है तेरा

लक्ष्य तो हर हाल में पाना है

Title Track, Lakshya


धुंधला जाएँ जो मंजिलें

इक पल को तू नज़र झुका

झुक जाये सर जहाँ वहीं

मिलता हैं रब का रास्ता

तेरी किस्मत तू बदल दे

रख हिम्मत बस चल दे

तेरे साथी, मेरे क़दमों के हैं निशां

Aas Paas Hai Khuda, Anjaana Anjaani

Patience & Resilience

कुछ ऐसा करके दिखा,

खुद खुश हो जाए खुदा

आशाएँ खिले दिल की…

तेरी वो रफ़्तार हो, रोके से भी तू ना रुके

हासिल कर ऐसा शिखर, परबत की भी नज़रें उठे

आशाएँ खिले दिल की..

Aashayein, Iqbal


सीधे पत्ते पड़े बाज़ी तू जित गया

वक़्त मुश्किल था मगर जैसे भी हो बीत गया

आज दुनिया भी तेरे साथ गुनगुनाती है

कल अकेला ही था जो दुःख भरा वह बीत गया

Train Song, Gully Boy

That’s it! Now there’s a chance you have already known all of these songs but have you ever wondered, the person who wrote your favorite song, the one who composed it and the one who sung it all knew what emotions you would feel when you listen to it and that’s why it struck. Isn’t that amazing?

That’s the thing with ART, as simple as it may seem, it speaks to your soul in a way nothing else can. If you have any songs that you listen to to keep yourself motivated do let us know!

Happy Listening!

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