That Night
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That Night

We were on her roof,
Laying on our backs,
Counting the stars, connecting them with each other,
Making shapes, imagining constellation.
Relating them to stories, legends, myths, love, hate,
Just every story we’ve ever heard of, And our story,
She came to me and,
Fused my fingers with her,
Holding my hand like never before.
Telling me about her past,
About her life, friends, mistakes.
But I was just listening to her melodious voice,
Incarnating itself into a melancholic one.
Silently, staring into her eyes, and she stopped.
She was a little embarrassed,
That what will I say,
After knowing her life.
But I didn’t care, what her past was.
So, quietly just moving a little bit towards her,
I kissed on her forehead,
And let the night pass,
While spooning her, and kissing her the whole night.

This poetry is from my book ‘Everything I Ever Wanted To Say & Rhyme‘. If you liked this poem, then I’m sure you’re going to love the book. Check it out here.

P.S. Read more poetries here.





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