The day I fell in love with the Tigress
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The Day I Fell In Love…

International Tiger Day

“When I first saw her,

I was mesmerised by her charm,

She looked at me,

And trust me, that look could disarm.

I wanted to go and tell her that she had me at that first sight,

But was advised not to, considering her might.

She was right there, in front of me, having her meal,

Her beauty could have made even the Great Alexander kneel.

The morning sun was shining bright,

She looked, from a distance, glowing with light.


Then suddenly, she turned around and walked away,

I was distraught but was not in complete dismay.

Afterall, I did take a photograph of her, the beauty without a blemish,

This was the only memory of her that, for a lifetime, I would cherish.

I would love to go back to that place.

Go back to Lara, the Tigress again.”

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