Anne Frank

Here’s Why Every Teenager Should Read ‘The Diary of a Young Girl’ At Least Once In Their Lives

“Because paper has more patience than people.” – Anne Frank

Everyone has advised us to read books at least once in our lives.

But, where does one begin from?

Confusion, right?

While I was looking for a legitimate answer to this question, I stumbled upon this beautiful book, ‘The Diary of A Young Girl’, and I am not the same person after reading Anne Frank’s diary.

You may ask, what is so special about a diary written by a girl, right? Let me break it to you.


As an Indian kid, I grew up in a simple household that stood as a testimony to every Indian family stereotype.

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The topics of taboo were never brought up, and for you and your parents, they did not exist at all.

At this time, Anne Frank’s diary comes as a rescue, telling you that you’re not alone. Anne tells you, every teenager across the world goes through the same, and here is my experience for you to feel comforted.

Anne Frank Diary at Anne Frank Museum in Berlin | Source: Wikipedia

To give you a little synopsis, the book is the personal diary of a teenager in Germany during the Nazi regime and holocaust.

The book strikes stronger because it is written in simple language and from a perspective of a teenager finding her way through life. The honesty of each experience (chef’s kiss).

From navigating her sexual development to finding a balance in her relationship with her parents, it will strike every chord in your heart, in ways you can’t even imagine.

Maybe, this honesty was because she was not writing for you or me to read, but for herself. To let her out, to express, which we often do not.


Do you write a journal or have a personal diary? If yes, look back at your personal diary or journal, and see, have you been as honest with yourself as you should be?

But, before you pick this book up, remember this is going to be overwhelming because of the raw writing and how it speaks; hitting right into the soul about issues that you otherwise would not stop to ponder on.

However, if you are particular about closure to stories, then you might be disappointed. The book is not entirely structured and has a free-flow narrative just as emotions are.

And, sadly, the book ends abruptly, but we do know why. Even though the book doesn’t tell you so, you know. That makes the end a little disheartening.

The Diary of The Young Girl’ is not considered a dark book, but while you read the book, it is necessary to keep the backdrop in mind. This makes it a gruesome and dark read as you are constantly reminded of the historical context Anne hails from. And that makes it powerful too.

The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank

This book is perfect for those who want to start reading or those who are looking for a companion. The biggest strength of the book is that it is relatable on many levels for young adults finding their way into a world full of apprehension.

And, rightly so, she says,

‘What a wonderful thought it is, that some of the best days of our life, haven’t even happened yet.’

And, you will never get tired of re-reading the entire thing, because it finds a special place in your heart. Seamlessly, with no effort.

Get your copy on Amazon for just ₹159.

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