The Last Time I Met You…

The last time I met you,
We kissed and said goodbye to each other.
I went to my home and you went to yours,
You said we’ll see each other in a few days,
And we went off.
I thought,
That these days might turn into some weeks,
But after these weeks,
I’ll make you blush,
And elevate the redness of your cheeks.
One day I called you and asked,
Did you saw the news?
You said yes,
And both of us tried to seek comfort and hope,
In the silence that emerged after the PM’s speech.
I told you not to worry,
As it’s just a matter of few more weeks,
After that, I’ll not just be in your dreams.
But soon we heard,
That the time is gonna extend,
And it’ll increase the space too.
But I asked you to promise me,
That this space will not hollow us,
And we’ll sleep in each other arms,
In just some months.
Fear came and left me awake all night,
I know that long-distance doesn’t work,
But we’ll make it right?
After two months we were strangled a bit,
In the hope that one day,
We’ll get out of this pit.
The only thing I wanted to tell you,
Is that a pandemic is only there,
To forecast the weather,
Not our love, and that’s it.
The last time I kissed you,
I didn’t know that it would be so long,
Till I kiss you again.
I think if I would have known,
I would have closed my eyes a little longer,
Held your waist a bit tighter,
And would have left our lips lit like a lighter.
I don’t know when we’ll meet again,
But till then,
I will sleep to the memory of your hair,
On my face,
And I will continue to wait for you,
To kiss you once again.



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