13 Not-So-Alarming Things That Everyone Does But No One Talks About

1. After party throw up! 🤮

2. Farting (Especially, girls) 👧

3. Accepting their negative aspects in a relationship 💍

4. Masturbation, duh! Everyone does it, yaar. 🤷‍♀️

5. Breathing QUIETLY after a cardio session or climbing a lot of stairs so that no one would hear you fighting for life 🤸‍♀️

6. Recording your voice while talking or singing something, just to know, how do you actually sound to others 🎵

7. Google-ing yourself ⌨

8. Picking your nose 👃


9. Slowing down the volume of your earphones to hear someone else’s conversation 🎧

10. Binge-eating (is that even a word?) 🥗

11. Having sensual (sexual) thoughts out of nowhere in the daytime 💋

12. Having an imaginary conversation with yourself (or with an imaginary friend, maybe?) 🗣

13. Peeing in the shower 🚿


What do you think?


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