Schitt's Creek
Schitt's Creek

7 Things Everyone Should Learn From Schitt’s Creek

*Spoilers Ahead*

Have you watched Schitt’s Creek before, but couldn’t continue and stopped watching in between?

Well, it’s okay if you are not convinced with the show in the initial seasons. Honestly, even I felt just okay about the show during the first and second seasons.

BUT BUT BUT, with the end of season 3, it just gets better and better.

The character arcs are not only emotionally uplifting but comforting.

The relationships shown are so heartfelt that you just end up feeling like they belong to your surroundings.


The show is all about the celebration of love, relationships, and inclusivity.

Let’s dive in and read the lessons (be it in love, life, or money) that one can learn from Schitt’s Creek!

1. Nothing can replace ‘Parivaar ka Pyaar’

We all can agree that the Roses are so different from each other, yet so similar. They have sailed some hardships together. But what kept them together is their love.

Be it David and Alexis supporting each other or Johnny wanting to celebrate small achievements with his family, they all sailed it by singing ‘Hum saath saath hai‘.

Moina Johnny in Schitt's Creek: Relationships based on money aren't real

2. Relations based on your Money aren’t Real

After their wealth and luxury were taken away from the family, they got to know who their real friends are. People didn’t even ask them how they were.

Remember the Moira and Johnny’s anniversary episode where they meet their friends?

Eventually, they realize how amazing Jocelyn and Roland are in comparison to those fake acquaintances.

3. You get to Learn from Your Past Mistakes

It was hard for the Roses to shift from their lavish lives to a motel.

But they adapted to their new lives (I mean at least they tried).

They learned from the past and took the new steps very carefully. They made sure they don’t repeat their mistakes and never lose their loved ones.

4. Accidental Friendships are the Best

David & Stevie Friendship in Schitt's Creek

Who would have thought that a person like David will be friends with Stevie?

Both of them have opposite personalities but they somehow manage to support each other and root for each other’s success.

And how can we forget other friendships like Johnny and Roland, Jocelyn and Moira, Twy and Alexis!

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5. That one person is Worth the Wait

We all know how toxic David and Alexis’s love lives were.

They were never treated with the love they deserved. But with Patrick and Ted, they realized what love is.

They got to know how a person can actually contribute to your well-being too.

They taught us what a healthy relationship means.

6. Don’t Judge Anyone.

Be it David’s fashion or Roland’s unusual behavior, just don’t judge anyone.

Also, the show celebrates love without any loud noises.

For example, when people from the town get to know about David and Patrick’s relationship, they do not make a big deal out of their sexuality.

The show tries to normalize love of all kinds and relationships.

It teaches you what a place can look like if we just stop judging people.


7. Evolve and Be a Better Person

The show melts your heart when you see how far have the characters came.

But my favorite one has to be Alexis. She was the spoiled brat who was dependent on either his father’s or boyfriend’s money. But by the last season, she establishes her own company and is independent. The smile on her face feels so genuine.

Are you the same person you were 6 years ago?

We all evolved, right?

This is a reminder to pat yourself for your journey!

Alexis Rose from Schitt's Creek
Alexis Rose

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You will fall in love with Schitt’s Creek, season after season a little bit more.

Just give this show a little time and trust me, you’ll just fall in love 🙂

Tell me your favorite moments from the show in the comments below! ❤️


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