8 Things No One Should Ever Point Out About Others

1. About their body structure or type (fat, skinny, short, tall, etc.) Because not everyone is positive towards their body.

2. If their clothes or shoes are torn out.

Converse Shoes

3. About acne or scars on their faces. Dude, it’s not something that they opted for. It has been there since all along.

4. About their preferences of other genders.

5. If they are not smelling good! But hey, don’t forget to let them know if they are smelling good.


6. If they have flaky hair or have lice.


7. About their eating habits whether they eat a lot or less, fast or slow. Pointing it out, might hurt them or put them under pressure.

Ugly but genuine laughter
Image Source: @goel_prakhar_

8. If anyone laughs or smiles in a funny or weird manner. In fact, I think, the uglier the laugh, the genuine it is.

Is there any other thing that you think no one should point out about others? If yes, then do let me know in the comments below.

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