7 Things Only A True Pahadi Can Relate To

Even though I wasn’t born in Uttarakhand, I call myself a true pahadi. Why? Well, when I was 3-years-old, my family moved to Haldwani from Delhi. Also known as ‘The gateway of Kumaon’, Haldwani is the place where I’ve done it all. From my schooling to… Wait! This isn’t about me, this is about the pahadi things.

So wait, let me first clarify that these pahadi things that I’m gonna talk about below are written by considering the people who belong to Uttarakhand. And that’s all, here we go:

1. Daal-Bhaat

Daal Bhaat - The Most Crucial Pahadi Thing

2. Chocolate?

Baal Mithai

3. Garhwal or Kumaon?

Garhwal or Kumaon?

4. Horror stories bola kisi ne?

Mai sunaata hoon!

5. “BEARD”

Beard? Not a pahadi thing at all!
Parikshit Joshi

6. Do I even have to say anything about this song?

7. Ooijaa!!!

This is our very own “Oh, my God!!!”

So, do you know anyone who’s a pahadi? Or wait, are you one?


Whatever the answer is, just let us know in the comments below if you relate to these things or not. And don’t forget to mention anything that you think we’ve missed.

Thanks for reading 🙂




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