Things People Say & Do That Sets Unhealthy Boundaries In A Relationship

7 Things People Say & Do That Sets Unhealthy Boundaries In A Relationship

1. “I love you no matter what”

Really? Thing again.

Even when you’re disrespected? Abused? Cheated on?

That sole line is a one-way ticket to being taken for granted.

2. “Don’t worry about it”

By saying “Don’t worry about it. I know you said it in a fit of rage” even when they didn’t apologize gives them an excuse to get away with insulting you.


3. Power to Silence

When you have a different opinion on a topic and allow your view to be dismissed without proper reason, you’re giving them the power to silence you.

4. Taking the First Step

If after an argument, you always have to take the first step to makeup, it shows that you care more about the relationship.

5. Being controlled

Giving someone the permission to decide your way of dressing, the people you want to connect with, or how you behave even one time, is paving the way to being controlled in the future.

6. Letting yourself be abused

Verbally or physically, during an argument is the archetype of breaking boundaries.


Do not sit in hopes that it was just a one-time thing.

If it happened once, it is bound to happen again.


When a relationship begins, through your words and actions, you unmindfully let the other person know how you can be treated.

Setting boundaries right at the start is indispensable.

A relationship without boundaries is just toxic.

No one is entitled to disrespect you.

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