12 Unwritten Rules Of Friendship That Should Be Made Universal

Just like everything in this universe has some rules, similarly, there are some unwritten rules in friendship as well.

Some rules that are not mentioned in any book, nor in any encyclopedia, but are must be followed.

Let’s see the most important unwritten rules of friendship.

1. We’ll always be friends, no matter what!

Coz you know wayyy too much, it’s either friendship or death for you. (The song playing in my mind-rn, “Yeh Dosti hum NHI todenge…”)


2. Tantrums

I can throw tantrums at you it’s my right, but if anyone else does then lord helps them, runn boy.

3. If you fall, I will pick you up

but only once I am done laughing.

4. I’m not a call person

but, even if you are calling me at 2 am, I will pick up the phone.

5. Jo Tera Hai Wo Mera Hai

rule applies to everything.

6. If you hate anyone

then no worries that person is on my hate list too.

7. I am not a certified Psychotherapist

but for my friend, I am a therapist.

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8. If I like a guy

my best friend’s approval is very much mandatory.

9. I will always like your posts

on social media and comment on them.

10. I can only stay mad for a while

coz I’ll have tea to spill after a while.

11. No one else can call your best friend their best friend

until and unless they have a death wish.

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12. If you are going through a crisis

I will bring you food.

There are hundreds more of such unwritten rules in friendship.

Every friendship has its own rule these are some of the unwritten rules that I follow frequently in my life. Ha-ha!!

I love how sometimes we come out from that “I am mature enough” phase and act so innocently in friendships.

I mentioned my unwritten rules, do tell me what are your unwritten rules in friendship, in the comment section.



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