8 Mouth-Watering Veg Dishes That I Bet You Didn’t Know Were BENGALI

1. Khichuri or Khichdi

Image Source: Chilli and Mint

We all know, what khichdi is, don’t we?

But do we know that it is actually a Bengali dish?

Though the only difference is just that Bengalis make it with few vegetables or sometimes they add fish into it. Apart from that, the whole recipe, which is rice and dal, is the same.

2. Jhal Muri

Jhal Muri
Image Source: The Spruce Eats

Yes, guys, it is actually Bengali street food.


Made with puffed rice, onion, tomato, and of course, chilies. And then, some masala and lemon drops make it irresistible. It is a famous time pass snack for many people.

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3. Aam Pora Shorbot or Aam Panna

Aam Pora Shorbot
Image Source: Maps of India

In Kolkata, it’s their favorite drink to charge themselves up in summer.

Made with chilled water, sugar, and the main ingredient burnt raw mangoes, this drink is preferred more instead of other artificial drinks.

4. Sandesh

Image Source: Wikipedia

This Bengali sweet is preferred by everyone all over the country. It’s made with condensed milk (khoya) and the amount of sugar in it is just perfect.

5. Misthi Doi

Mishti Doi


Image Source: YouTube

It is a sweetened yogurt (Dahi) dish. Now, it is popular all over India and is loved by everyone. It’s prepared in a very different way than plain yogurt.


6. Kathi Roll or Kati Roll

Kathi Roll
Image Source: Wikipedia

In Kolkata, they make it with roasted kebab and then, wrap it with parantha.

In Bengali, Kathi means ‘stick‘, which refers to how they were actually made.

Kathi rolls are liked by many people and are very filling and now people make it in many other different ways by adding many sauces.

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7. Aloo Dum or Dum Aloo

Aloo Dum
Image Source: Archana’s Kitchen

If you can not decide what to eat, potatoes always come to the rescue and this is what bengali people prepare to make when they can not decide what to make.

It is served along with Luchi which is bengali bread (Puri). Dum Aloo is basically a kashmiri dish but with few changes, it becomes bengali.

8. Rasgulla or Roshogalla

Image Source: DNA India

It is derived from the words ‘Ras‘ which means juice and ‘Gulla‘, which means ball.

I think it is the most loved Bengali sweet by the whole of India, and even I can never get bored of it.

Usually is eaten after the main course aaahhhhhh – chuck it, I am gonna go and have one. Brb.

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