Issues With The Concept Of Virginity

Issues With The Concept Of Virginity

Virginity, especially of a woman, holds the utmost importance in most religions and premarital sex is considered a Sin. To understand the reason for this, we need to look deeper into the culture which existed during the birth of each religion.

In those days, when medical technology was not as advanced and contraceptives did not exist, it was believed that to ensure the purity of the bloodline, women had to be a virgin. Thus, virginity became the symbol of purity of a commodity, which is given to the Husband from a Father, the commodity being women.

It was natural for any religion formed in such social conditions to ingrain such sexist beliefs and label premarital sex as a sin.

When such stupid labels are put on a pedestal, it births a society that associates the value of women to her virginity. This warrants an inverse relationship between how much sex you’ve had and how much society deems your worth.

Slut-shaming of women for having had multiple partners while considering men to be a ‘stud’ for the same are rooted in these beliefs as well.


The definition of losing one’s virginity itself is non-inclusive. It’s under the assumption that only a penis inside the vagina is considered as sex. As per that norm, Lesbians who are having sex would still be virgins, right?

This social construct erases the experiences of gay, lesbian, bisexual, queer, transsexuals, and other non-heterosexual people. It invalidates any sexuality or sexual experiences which don’t fit inside this box which society considers ‘normal’.


All this aside, when you say premarital sex is a sin, aren’t you disregarding the necessary sexual compatibility between individuals? Or would you rather blindly marry someone and hope that they have the same sexual orientation and sex drive like you? If that’s your choice, then fine, but stop judging people who aren’t willing to take that risk.

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Patriarchy labelled a women’s worth in her virginity and religion reinforced it. The whole concept of virginity was created to keep women under control. The value of an individual should never depend on how many people they have had sex with. If you do that, understand you are considering someone as a commodity/object instead of a living breathing human being.

Just imagine: How unfair is it to judge a human life’s worth on the things they are ingrained to do as a natural way of life.



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