Web Series to Binge Watch with your family

7 Web Series To Binge Watch With Your Family

Calling August and September a spring Season is so old school. I have another lingo for the internet culture. It’s no more spring season it’s Netflix and Pizza season. Let’s take a break from dull life and explore our forgotten watch list and binge watch some tempting and chucklesome web series with your family.

Coming from the era of Parampara, Prathistha, and Anushasan we entered into the world of Web series.

Just Indian things you know. 💁‍♀️

Now, it’s not about heavy jewelry and big houses; it’s about watching the perfect show that has laughter, comedy, and everything you desire.

And no, I’m not talking about Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma.


There is nothing such as a perfect watch list, we all have to make it perfect!

“What to watch?” is the biggest question of all times especially when it comes to watching with family.

But let’s not worry about that ‘coz we are here to suggest some entertaining and enjoyable web series that you can watch with your family.

The list is so big that it is getting confusing as to what to suggest and what not. The best part of this whole context is that it is a mixed bag of all genres.

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When I started watching web series it was easy for me to choose what to watch. But the challenge was when my family decided to watch series together and I had to spend hours searching for the perfect show.

But so that you don’t face such situational crises, I am here with some awesome suggestions for you to watch.

Here is a list of 7 Awesome yet funny web series that you can watch with your family.

  1. Gullak
  2. Sarabhai vs Sarabhai
  3. What the Folks
  4. Mind the Malhotra’s
  5. Schitt’s Creek
  6. Asur
  7. Aarya

Let’s deep dive into these amazing web shows and see what do they have in them for us.

1. Gullak

If you’re looking for some laughter web show that you can relate to. That takes you back down the memory lane of innocent childhood, then TVF”s latest web series Gullak is the ideal pick.

This is a nostalgic ride of a humorous tale, that will have you rolling on the floor with laughter, literally.

But it’s also the kind of pleasing, relatable drama that has you dialing up your parents, simply to hear their familiar bickering.

Also, what a flawless performance by Geetanjali Kulkarni as ‘every Indian mom ever‘.

‘Beta Monish Bahl wali shakal ho na toh Salman k Dialogues nahi bola karte’

Watch Gullak on TVF Play.

2. Sarabhai vs. Sarabhai

Every Indian household has fixed timings where they binge-watch their tv reality shows.

Let’s take a look at the most favorite show of Indian mothers: Anupama.

But do you know the character playing Anupama was once very famous for being Monisha in Sarabhai vs Sarabhai?

Another cult classic tv family drama that will chuckle your bones in a complete package of comedy and drama. The legit ultimate example of web series to watch with family.

“Indravadan: Arey Wah Wah Cake Ban Raha Hai, Kis Khushi Mein?
Maya: Mera Janamdin hai.
Indravadan: Baat Mat Badlo Maaya, Maine Poocha Kis Khushi Mein?”

Watch it for free on Disney+Hotstar India.

3. What The Folks!

Let’s not only restrict ourselves to Netflix and Amazon prime.

Because YouTube, the oldest source of entertainment has given us some binge-worthy series.


We all have grown up watching the saas-bahu series to which Dice media gave us a classic series ‘What the Folks’.

The story revolved around a young man who lives with his in-laws.

It’s completely an unusual situation I know right but this show is finely sprinkled with a pinch of sarcasm, humor, and realism that allows you to thoroughly enjoy the drama. 

Phone toh smart hogae
Insane kab smart honge”

Watch it for Free on YouTube.


4. Mind The Malhotras

Mind the Malhotras comes next in the list of what web series to binge watch with your family.

We often live with the idea that our parents know it all but the reality is they are also learning and growing as we are.

Mind The Malhotra’s hilariously exposes through interesting encounters, and even more amusing ‘therapy’ conversations

There’s this one awakening dialogue in it by Maddy Malhotra that I would like to mention:

“The future is listening to you so be aware of what you are thinking in your mind”.

Watch it on Amazon Prime India.

5. Schitt’s Creek

If you are in the mood of watching some satirical sitcom that also has comedy and drama then Schitt’s creek is the perfect choice for you.

A married couple suddenly goes bankrupt and the only remaining asset they have is an ugly small town named Schitt’s Creek.

A Canadian television reality show worth binge-watching a joyride of various emotions altogether.

 A must-watch show that should be present in everyone’s perfect list.

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“Tweet us on Facebook”

Watch it on Netflix.

6. Asur

When it comes to web series, not everyone is a fan of rom-com and drama. There are people to love to watch crime thrillers.


Suggesting which, Asur an Indian crime suspense thriller is one of the top series on everyone’s list.

All those CID fans must have ones though to become an investigator.

Come on once again wake the detective within you and get ready to watch Asur full of chills and thrill.

This series deals with forensic crime. A fine blend of crime and suspense that will thrill you in its entire season.

‘Kab Tak Logo Se Ummid Lagaye Baithoge? Ummid Sirf Intazaar Karati Hai, Sachai Nahi Badalti.’

Watch Asur here on Voot.

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7. Aarya

How can we forget the most thrilling Indian web show of all time?

Aarya is a crime drama that is also known as Indian Ozark.

If you like the real “Ozark” series this one is for you.

Though it is different from Ozark and beautiful in its way.

Sushmita Sen coming back after such a long time, for sure sets the bar high. While Bollywood films keep on getting worst, web series are redefining Bollywood capabilities.

“Kabhi kabhi baat sahi aur galat ki nahi, galat aur kam galat ki hoti hai”

Watch Aarya here on Disnery+Hotstar India.

Living in India with a “Tedhi Medhi” family has always been a blessing to us. There are a lot of ways where we can enjoy this Tedhi Medhi family time. And one primary way for sure is by watching web series.

Not just any movie or daily soap but web shows mixed with various emotions and drama of course. I mean, it’s India, and who doesn’t love the drama here, right?

We all are bored of watching reel-life family drama.

So, let’s pull our socks up and lay on our couches, and have Netflix and pizza time with our family. These web series are just the perfect combination of everything you are looking for.

I have mentioned the shows that tops my list when I have to watch shows with my family.

If you know some more of such web shows that we can watch with our family then, do mention them in the comment section 😊

What do you think?


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