What Difference Can 3 Years Make In A Woman's Life In India?

What Difference Can 3 Years Make In A Woman’s Life In India?

Raise the minimum age of marriage for women from 18 to 21 🤚

1. Three years of additional education for her that otherwise is curbed in many cases due to early marriages.

2. Three years of education leading to a basic degree that will enable her to get a job, and thereby achieve financial independence.

3. Three years of exposure and life experiences that prepare her better for a world that’s already disadvantageous for women.

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4. Three years of she not having to bear the additional burden of taking care of another family which is a common patriarchal norm in India.



5. Three years of not having to be bestowed upon the responsibilities of motherhood and raising a child, which in many cases is a one-sided responsibility.

6. Three years of additional adulthood time for her to figure out the partner she wants to live the rest of her life with instead of someone forced upon by her family and society.

7. Three years of not having to listen to the “When are you getting married, and when are you bearing children?” questions from society.

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