This is what 'Looking for Alaska' did to me...
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This is what ‘Looking for Alaska’ did to me…

“..and the firecrackers bursting..the expression on the director’s face..send a smiling glee on her’s..”

“Wake up!! wake up..!!”

This call from my mother woke me up..and that was the point I realized what effects “Looking For Alaska” had on me. I had started living it in my dreams.

All those vicious pranks, those heart-wrenching conversations, I had started living them all. This was the kind of repercussions the book had on me.

It was not only a riveting mystical journey for me but a spiritual one too. All the ingredients of Love, lust, mystery, action, mortality, and spirituality are added in the correct proportion to make it an all-time favorite. What astonished me the most was how brilliantly the author had connected a theme of love and alcohol with that of subtlety and spirituality.


The search of that Great Perhaps, the labyrinth and the text “Straight and Fast” which Alaska had written while talking over the phone, had so captivated my mind that post reading the book, a new me had evolved. A me who started putting up questions about spirituality, me who was a bit mature.

The best thing about the book is when John Green refers to teenagers as invincible. Yes, it’s so true.

“We think that we are invincible because we are.”

And well, Can anyone love as truly as Miles loved Alaska? Though he could not profess his love for her, but his love was known to us, the readers. His pure, chaste love. The way he always felt that he did not deserve Alaska, as she was far more fascinating than him, can be seen in the following quote,

“..If people were rain, I was drizzle and she was a hurricane.”


(P.S.- My favorite line from the whole book. I wish my man loves me with the same chastity and innocence.)

The charismatic personality of Alaska, something unsolved, something mystic, it did force me to think about the labyrinth… My thoughts couldn’t end..until I accepted what has been written in the book…

“The only way out of this labyrinth of suffering is to forgive.”

My odyssey through the book has been unforgettable. Every character has somehow taught me something. The only grudge I have is the unsolved mystery of Alaska’s death, but as said in the book, this perfectly justifies the case…

“She loved mysteries so much, she became one.”

Looking for Alaska by John Green
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Have you read “Looking for Alaska” by John Green? If yes, then do let us know your take of it in the comments below and if you have not, then you can get it from Amazon for ₹214 or Flipkart for ₹212.

Happy Reading 🙂

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