What Went Wrong With HTC?

Impressive Beginnings

HTC was the first-ever manufacturer to release an android device into the smartphone market back in 2008.

HTC One M7

In 2013, HTC released the HTC One M7, which was arguably the best smartphone at that time. The M7 with an aluminum framework, powerful front-facing stereo speakers powered by Beats Audio, and an elegant design.

Continued Success

HTC Evo 4g

By 2009, HTCs market share submitted to 6 percent of the whole world with the help of its first android phone.

In 2010, HTC was named one of the most innovative companies in the world.


It once again stunned the world with the Evo 4G the first commercially available 4G phone.

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The Beginning of the End!

Things started falling apart in 2015 with the release of the HTC M9 flagship.



Mid-tier devices from Motorola, Huawei, and Xiaomi attracted more users given their value for money.

Lack of innovation and punching well above their own weight became the death of HTC as far as the smartphone market is concerned.

The Current State

In 2017, Google invested over a billion dollars in acquiring HTC’s phone design talent. The acquisition saw Google absorb over 2000 personnel from HTC.

Read more about it on, Tech Crunch.


Currently, HTC has its primary focus on its virtual reality products line – HTC Vive where it is doing quite well.

As of now, HTC doesn’t have any foothold in the smartphone market!


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