Why Rape Happens?

Rape happens when you

  • leer her on the street
  • ‘accidentally’ touch her
  • remain silent when she asks you to believe her
  • look away when she’s in an uncomfortable situation with a man
  • circulate her pictures
  • don’t stop your guy friends from talking about her in a degrading and sexually objectifying way
  • call her a Randi, whore, bitch, etc.
  • raise your children based on gender roles
  • tell her you’re superior than her
  • watch rape porn
  • use words like motherfucker or sisterfucker
  • abuse and troll her online
  • send her dick pics
  • share anti-feminist memes
  • spread hate against the feminist movement
  • don’t take her pain seriously
  • control her body and reproductive rights
  • think women have a duty to fulfill men’s sexual desires
  • make fun of me too movement
  • go against sex education
  • think it’s okay for a husband to hit his wife
  • make rape jokes
  • protect your brother when he does something wrong
  • tell a boy to man up
  • deny male privilege
  • deny women’s right to the city
  • think women need to be dominated and put in their place
  • force a woman to cover-up
  • think women are sexual conquests for you to achieve
  • date women while thinking they are ‘easy’ and sluts and not ‘wife material’
  • tell women to stay indoors at night
  • make fun of women’s rage against the patriarchy
  • dominate public spaces, private spaces, economic spaces, political spaces, intimate spaces, online spaces, etc.
  • use religion and culture to restrict women
  • support dramas depicting the ‘good’ woman ‘bad’ woman binary (aka Madonna-whore complex)
  • think the victim is vulgar and shameless and the rapists aren’t
  • restrict her by saying ‘log kya kahenge’
  • say she was asking for it
  • thinking her body is a source of sin and lust
  • think of her as your carrier of honor

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